November 16, 2008

Lunch with Sunee Braxton and Brollin


My best friend Sunee is back in town from Washington until April! Yay for me I'm so excited to hang out with them! Ty deploys for Germany the day after Christmas! We're more like sisters for sure! No matter how long we don't talk or see eachother we can just pick up where we left off! On thursday when Ty left for jump school we had Sun and the kids meet us at Bajio for lunch! Justin got there before me cause i got stuck at the salon and Bras was so excited to see him! Brax is beautiful she is a mini Sunee for sure! She is so sassy, but so sweet! Brolli is just the happiest baby I have ever met and he is such a clone of Ty! About halfway through lunch Brax said she needed to go potty! She was in there for awhile when all the sudden we hear her yell "MOM!"We turn around and she yells across Bajio "It's such a mess in there!" So Sun runs in and then calls me in a min later! I had to go get my camera because it was so funny! Brax was playing with the automatic towel dispenser and this is what we found! We love this family so much! It's so good to have them home for awhile!

November 12, 2008

Salon open house

We're having an open house at the salon on Thursday the 13th from 5-8pm! We will be doing free waxing, paraffin dips, and mini manicures! We will also be demonstrating eyebrow threading-it's amazing! Huge discounts and free product! Lots of good food! Come meet all the staff or just come hang out! We're located at 1155 north main street in Layton! Hope to see everyone there!

November 6, 2008

Frankenstein and his bride

This post may be a little late, but since we just set up a blog my friend has been begging for halloween pics! Just and I loved dressing up this year! Our costumes were so fun! Everywhere we went we got tons of stares! You can't tell by this picture, but with my hair and his shoes we were about 6'10"! We went to quite a few parties this year so by halloween we were a little sick of doing makeup and dressing up! I already have our costumes planned out for next year so now it will take a full year convincing Justin into it!

We finally have a blog!

Justin surprised me with a blog when i got home from work the other day! I've been begging him forever to help me get one started and he did it all for me! He's the sweetest husband ever! I'm so lucky to have him! I love you babe!

November 4, 2008

My Amazing wife Kenzee

I can't believe that we are going to become  bloggers?  I never thought in a million years I would ever be apart of a blog but Kenzee loves looking at everyones pictures and enjoys reading about all her million friends out there.  So I have decided that I will set up a blog for us so that she can share parts of our lives with all of you.  
So to start off we have been married since May 20 2006 and life, ever since that day has absolutely been a dream for me.  I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing woman.  There is not a thing about her that I could ever imagine changing. 
 As all of you know, that know her, she is the most loving person you could ever meet and would bend over backwards to help anyone out.  She is someone that you could talk to about anything and she would be able to give you good constructive advice to help you out with any problems or concerns that you may have.  She is the most patient person in this world,  which you would have to be to be married to me.  Kenzee is the most beautiful woman in this world!  She has beautiful long black hair and incredibly soft olive skin.  She has eyes that you get lost in.  You can't help but smile back at her when she smiles with her beautiful big smile. My wife is as perfect as they get.  
In the short time that me and Kenzee have been married we have started our own little family, and in our family we have 2 little dogs named Bentlee and Bronx.  Bentlee is a 2 year old Yorkie that is as cute as they get. Bronx is a 1 year old Maltese that is also as cute as they get his only downfall is that he doesn't stop licking but I guess thats a dog for you.  The real hope for our family though is to start having kids as soon as possible in my opinion but we will have to wait and see what Kenzee's opinion on that one is.