May 28, 2010

{Much Needed Update}

I'm seriously the worst at this blogging thing, but this is the start of my attempt to be much better. I'll update you guys with a little of what's gone on since the last post.

Briggs is almost nine months old. It's so crazy how time flies. If only pregnancy went that quick.. We haven't had a check up since six months but he was 75% in weight and 95% in height. Just over the last week I swear he's grown a few inches. He seems so big. We love every stage of life with this little guy. He brings so much joy and excitement into our life. He's got seven teeth right now and were waiting on the eighth. His bites hurt. He's crawling all over the place. He lifts himself up and walks all around things. He's said mama, dada, and baba for awhile , but I think he knows the meaning now. He loves to make you laugh and he mocks everything we do now. He loves books, songs, toys, food. Did I mention he loves food. Seriously this kid LOVES food. He will eat anything and everything except for green veggies. He loves to dance, wave hi and bye, give hi-fives, and clap. He is so fun. He's becoming more of and mom/dad's boy, but still loves people. We are so in love and love being parents.

Now an update on the Mr and Mrs. Justin is still working for his parents till august then he's flying out to train and we'll be opening our own insurance business in early fall. Were both ultra excited. He's antsy for the weather to get warm so we can go boating. I am more than ready too. It will be fun having Briggs at the lake this year. Justin has new car fever and anybody that knows J this won't come as a surprise to. I told him he has to really decide what he wants cause he can't turn around and sell in a year. So he looks on the Internet every night. Mostly at H2's so that's what we will probably end up with:) We just celebrated our four year anniversary. I know I've already said it, but seriously where does the time go?! I think with each year of marriage it gets better and better. I love you babe. My life is so fun with my two boys!! I am a full time mommy and am working at the salon two days a week. I love it. For those of you who don't know yet I got diagnosed with skin cancer. I've had two surgeries at huntsman and now I'm cancer free!! It's been an emotional couple months filled with ouchy surgeries but to hear you have cancer is life changing and to hear cancer free was the best. Thanks to a wonderful supportive and loving husband and lots of family and friends it made the hard times that much better. So be smart in the sun and stay out of those awful tanning beds!! Other than that Justin and I are adjusting more and more to becoming home bodies. Life is good and we can't wait for summer! I'll be better at this blogging thing..promise..I will I have an app on my phone for it now so no excuses. Thanks for still checking in! Here's some pics of Briggs!!

Dad making him laugh

Ate dirt for the first time

Gave him licorice=messy boy

Loves these bags of sugar at gma and gpa's (they're for cotton candy)

Golfing at wolfcreek on mothers day

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May 8, 2010

{Is anyone there..}

This blog is in major need of an update! Just wondering since I'm not the best blogger if anyone still checks in?! If so I'll update and be alot better.

Please leave a comment if you still check in!