June 9, 2010

{Park City}

We went and stayed in Park City on memorial weekend. My parents, Abe Marci and Zander, and Andy all went up with us. We usually stay at the same place everytime we go up, but they were full so we stayed at the Westgate Resort. It's located right at the base of the Canyons. I'm so glad our other choice was full because this exceeded our expectations. Online I booked a two bedroom condo and when we arrived we had the presidential suite. It was so nice. So we all decided instead of going out to dinner and shopping we'd spend as much time in the room as possible. Other than a quick trip to the grocery store and swimming we were in the room the rest of the time. I'd highly reccomend this hotel. It was such a relaxing stay. We just played games, watched movies, and took the little ones swimming for the first time!! (and ate alot too!) Briggs wasn't completely comfortable in the pool, but he liked it. Good thing Aunt Marsha is a swim coach. Z on the other hand was a fish. It was so fun watching these two. Having kids and getting to experience things with them, even something as simple as swimming, makes it so much fun! We had such a fun time and we were in good company! We can't wait for more summer fun!!

Briggs loving his tube.

Our little fam. I couldn't figure out how to rotate on my phone.

Briggs swimming with Mom. He loved that frog in his left hand. He carried it everywhere.

Aunt Marci teaching Briggs to swim.

Uncle Abe and Zander.
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Abraham + Marci said...

Love the post! I just got the pool key for our condo so we will have to take the little guys swimming again soon!

Amanda and Gavin said...

Those pictures are SO cute! I'm so sorry about not responding about the dog staying over, I didn't get the message until WAY late. I spent the weekend cleaning and hanging out with myself lol. (I'm a loser) Love you guys!!!