August 3, 2010


Justin started his training for American Family. So Briggs and I are going to come as much as possible. Briggs flew on an airplane for his first time. He did so good which was nice cause it was hard flying separate from Justin. And right as we were landing he fell asleep.

Watching Baby Einsteins.

Hanging out in his own seat.

Sound asleep.

His ride on the way to our room.

During the day Justin is in training so we just hang out, go swimming, etc. Briggs loves the hotel room cause it's all new for him to explore. He learned how to flush the toilet, unroll the tp, and open the front door all by himself. He loves this cabinet by the kitchenette and plays peek a boo in it.

We are having alot of fun just being away and enjoying eachother. At nights we go find a new place to eat and something fun to do. Last night we went to a place Justin remembers going to when he was younger and used to come out here for soccer. It's just like the Mayan back home except alot older.

We had fun. Briggs didn't know what to think of it all and wanted to swim with the divers. Were loving the opportunity to be out here together and having lots of fun!

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